Plot Holes Be Gone

“The breaches have been filled.” – Director Krennic – Rogue One A main contributor to the turmoil over my current writing production are holes in my story.  Not the simple gaps in the outline I had to workout, or the new chapters from scratch I’m still wading through,  but actual plot holes that don’t make sense, […]

The Daily Wall

I forced a short writing window into the brick wall that is my day. Its less a window and more like a hole drilled through to the other side. Even so, I’m counting it. I opened the word doc and clicked chapter 10, the last chapter I was writing before the break. This scene gives […]


The hole left from the lack of writing has been filled with a few books recently. I decided to read a couple of series that hit my favorites list, trying to reignite a little of that passion and inspiration that set me to writing in the first place. It is strange to re-read these books […]

Stop The Bleeding

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything. It’s not a lack in desire to write, or writers block, or anything of the sort. Time is against me these days. It pretends to offer me something, but instead takes more than I have. It happens. My daily routine is overwhelming, while the day job […]

Never Tell Me The Odds

I’m not going to get into the actual odds of publication. That’s not anywhere near my area of expertise. Publication is a mountain, and writers are the climbers chasing the summit. Some have better gear than others. Some go up bare-knuckled. Regardless, it’s still a big ass mountain, full of loose pebbles, sheer cliffs, ice […]

Finding a Rhythm

I’m slowly learning the processes of completing a novel. For years I’ve tossed around ideas for various stories that fade away after a few thousand words, and never reached a finished draft. Now that I have one, and continue to push through a second draft, the path forward becomes a little more apparent. You can’t […]

Thinking Like A Writer

I am approaching the end of chapter three in my second draft. I needed some made from scratch chapters to create a better opening, and I have been fairly happy with the result. The change to back up the timeline a bit appears to be working so far, but as I am thinking through these […]