Stop The Bleeding

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything. It’s not a lack in desire to write, or writers block, or anything of the sort. Time is against me these days. It pretends to offer me something, but instead takes more than I have. It happens. My daily routine is overwhelming, while the day job […]

Never Tell Me The Odds

I’m not going to get into the actual odds of publication. That’s not anywhere near my area of expertise. Publication is a mountain, and writers are the climbers chasing the summit. Some have better gear than others. Some go up bare-knuckled. Regardless, it’s still a big ass mountain, full of loose pebbles, sheer cliffs, ice […]

Finding a Rhythm

I’m slowly learning the processes of completing a novel. For years I’ve tossed around ideas for various stories that fade away after a few thousand words, and never reached a finished draft. Now that I have one, and continue to push through a second draft, the path forward becomes a little more apparent. You can’t […]

Thinking Like A Writer

I am approaching the end of chapter three in my second draft. I needed some made from scratch chapters to create a better opening, and I have been fairly happy with the result. The change to back up the timeline a bit appears to be working so far, but as I am thinking through these […]

Opening Pages

I’ve read my fair share of writing tips and tricks over the years. Most of us writers have, I’d wager. We’re always on the lookout for that perfect formula for writing a bestseller. How do we get a reader’s attention, and keep it? There is no shortage of articles related to opening pages of a […]

Pre-Writing: Filling In The Gaps

My story is nearly ready for a new draft. It’s been a full year since my rough draft was finished. That is a long time to let it sit, but I have kept the story in my mind, and I’ve thought about those gaps I discussed in the last post. With those gaps identified, I […]

Preparing for Battle

Editing a novel can easily become overwhelming. In my monthly flash fiction stories I would spend a few days writing, then a few days editing. No big deal. With a story only a couple thousand words long, you can edit from the top down rather quickly. It is much easier to manage. But, a novel? […]