The Daily Wall

I forced a short writing window into the brick wall that is my day. Its less a window and more like a hole drilled through to the other side. Even so, I’m counting it.

I opened the word doc and clicked chapter 10, the last chapter I was writing before the break. This scene gives my character a little hope before her world goes from bad to worse. Something about it felt off at the time I wrote it, but as I read back through, it’s not missing much. It’s incomplete, but more than halfway. I made a few edits, and added a sentence here and there.

It counts. I wrote today.

More importantly, though, this chapter leads into a major scene, one that brings all three of my main characters together at the same place in time. This should be fun to write, as I have tons of things to add to the frame already in place.

Not sure setting a goal will do much for me right now, but if I can convince myself to just turn off the real world long enough to breathe the same air as my characters, that should be enough to get my feet walking the road in the right direction.

The wall is an unforgiving sob, but I’ve weakened it. I’ll keep drilling holes until it gets big enough to wiggle through.

Time to finish chapter 10.