Plot Holes Be Gone

“The breaches have been filled.” – Director Krennic – Rogue One

A main contributor to the turmoil over my current writing production are holes in my story.  Not the simple gaps in the outline I had to workout, or the new chapters from scratch I’m still wading through,  but actual plot holes that don’t make sense, or more accurately, don’t connect.

Enter the morning commute. I spend a lot of time daydreaming through my scenes, fixing things here or there, or exploring ideas that could improve the characters, emotions or plot. Today, from nowhere, I got answers. Thanks to a few select songs, I had some inspiration. This turned into a long thought that filled two holes, and bridged a third.

It felt so simple. So obvious. I’ve beaten myself up over it, and here we have the missing links.

What does that mean? For the last several months I’ve written little, I’ve stopped many times, pushed the laptop into a forgotten bin and merely glanced at the scrivener app on my phone. These plot holes are gone. Those windows for writing should be open for business. I have them more often now, but the excuses to abandon them due to this nagging knowledge that the story has issues appear to be gone.

The breaches have been filled. Imagine that.

Scrivener looks appetizing today.