Pre-Writing: Filling In The Gaps

My story is nearly ready for a new draft. It’s been a full year since my rough draft was finished. That is a long time to let it sit, but I have kept the story in my mind, and I’ve thought about those gaps I discussed in the last post. With those gaps identified, I […]

Preparing for Battle

Editing a novel can easily become overwhelming. In my monthly flash fiction stories I would spend a few days writing, then a few days editing. No big deal. With a story only a couple thousand words long, you can edit from the top down rather quickly. It is much easier to manage. But, a novel? […]


Welcome to The Road! The plan for this blog is simple. It will keep track of my writing progress. This includes postings about my current works-in-progress and general musings about story creation and the process of writing. I want to improve on my craft, but unless I can convince myself to write consistently, that will […]